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Common Mistakes you need to check

Sarah Carrol, the author of the enormously successful ecommerce book, Grow Global (the 2nd highest sales for a business book in 2018), has published a list of the top 10 most common website mistakes she has seen in January 2019.  This is her “World Class technical checklist” :

  1. Not looking at Google Analytics
  2. Not setting up Google Search Console
  3. No favicon
  4. No or weak legals (terms and conditions of use of the website or terms and conditions of sale)
  5. No privacy policy
  6. No cookie policy
  7. No or incorrect copyright statement
  8. Low mobile site speed
  9. Not secure (https://)
  10. No breadcrumb/on page navigation

As she points out, these are early building blocks that EVERY website needs and yet so many e-merchants still ignore them in 2019!


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