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The Woman’s voice in Ecommerce

As part of our new Women in Ecommerce Committee activities, we will be publishing interviews with leading female ecommerce players on our Website and in our Newsletters. Here is the first, an interview by our Board member and Chair of the Women in Ecommerce Committee, Mpho Sekwele, with Caroline Ashmore of Atrium Plants.

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SA Regulatory Update

With the General Election on 8 May, it is not surprising that things have been quite quiet in Pretoria these last months. Some proposals have been taken off the statute books – at least for the time being, like the Copyrights Amendment Bill, which eventually was smothered by complaints from almost all stakeholders (we reported…

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New Technology Development Centre for Kenya

The UNECA has recently pointed out that countries in the East African Community are growing at almost double the rate of those in the rest of the Continent (6.2% compared to 3.2%) as a result of their investment in technology, infrastructure and better fiscal policies that help startups to flourish. These policies have seen Nairobi’s…

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Instagram launches @Shop

Instagram has launched a @shop account, which is basically a curation of posts from online merchants that sell products through the Instagram app. @shop will promote items from emerging brands from categories such as fashion, beauty and home decor. For now, the account will spotlight one brand a day and tell the story behind that business.…

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EU-AU New Africa-Europe Digital Economy Partnership (DETF)

A draft report has been produced by a joint EU/AU task force (DEFT) chaired jointly by the Ghanaian Minister for Trade and the Deputy President of the African Development Bank. This report recognised that “eCommerce as the bloodstream of digital economy, both nationally, cross-border and between both continents.” And proposes four main action points:- Accelerating…

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Data Flows, the EU and other countries

ITWeb carried an article the other day that claimed that once (if) the UK leaves the EU (“Brexit”) the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will no longer apply, making it complicated for other non-EU countries to deal with data flows which may go through the UK to elsewhere in Europe. However, I understand that…

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EU pushes its vision of ecommerce trade at WTO

The EU Is currently putting forward its ecommerce proposals for the WTO negotiations on ecommerce trade. Readers will recall that only Kenya agreed to work on an accelerated ecommerce trade system with WTO (both Nigeria and South Africa refused to sign up). The aim is to get a trade deal to govern global ecommerce. The…

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A New Rail Link for East Africa

The 571km-long cross-border railway project dubbed the Isaka-Kigali SGR project linking Rwanda with the Indian Ocean will cost US$2.5billion to complete. In a joint announcement this month, Rwanda’s Minister of Infrastructure Claver Gatete and Tanzania’s transportation minister Isack Kamwelwe declared the cost will be split between the two nations with Tanzania providing US$1.3bn and Rwanda…

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The East Africa Single Digital Market (SDM) initiative

One of the most successful and active Regional bodies in Africa is the East African Economic Community. It is now involved in the East Africa Single Digital Market (SDM) initiative, which  aims to support the region to become a more deeply integrated and dynamic digital investment, innovation, and growth hub, building on the underlying strengths…

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African Employment 2019-2035

According to Forbes, Entrepreneurs have a pivotal role to play in Africa’s unemployment crisis. Today over a third of the continent’s young workforce (those aged 15-35) are unemployed. Another third are in vulnerable employment. By 2035, Africa will contribute more people to the workforce each year than the rest of the world combined. By 2050…

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