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Posts by Shahrain Coovadia

SA’s Population Nears Sixty Million

Statistics South Africa recently released its mid-year population estimate, which shows that there was a 1 million increase over last year – the increase was from 57.73 million in mid-2018 to 58.78 million now. There were two worrying factors – first, nearly one third of the SA population are between 18 and 34, but only…

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Are you Young and Good at Making Videos? Here’s an opportunity

The WTO is inviting young people to take part in a video contest aimed at showcasing their stories, hopes and aspirations for world trade. The winners will be announced at the WTO’s Public Forum to be held from 8 to 11 October in Geneva. All videos must be submitted by 30 August 2019. Link

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The Assetization of Things

A new marketing jargon phrase to learn – the assetization of things refers to personal goods being treated as assets— clothes, furniture, jewelry — are becoming available for rent or resell, or even split into shares that can be traded.

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Funding Possibilities

The African Gateway Dubai Chamber helps businesses who want to understand market dynamics, bid for tenders or connect with businesses in Africa. It has launched a portal which houses case studies, news articles as well as facts and figures needed to make an informed decision about the business opportunities available in Africa. Earlier this year,…

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Customized Products – Ecommerce Market to Grow by 30% in 2019

According to the survey conducted by, it has been found that customized products sold online are expected to grow this year. The report says that ecommerce companies are investing in customized products thanks to a huge demand for custom products of various types. Factors such as a safe online business environment, a high number…

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Rattling Blockchains – More News on 4IR

All computer systems are vulnerable to errors by their programmers. This truism is becoming more evident as we rely increasingly on AI and other 4IR systems to work for us. Blockchain is no exception, and since some aspects of blockchain are used for crypto-currencies, these errors can become worrying. The blockchain protocol employs cryptography, game…

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Ouch – Data Privacy Fines in the USA

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) imposed a record-setting US$5 billion fine on Facebook for mishandling user data — and also has set out a series of restrictions on what FB can and cannot do, including: Exercising greater oversight over third-party apps Prohibiting the use of cell phones numbers obtained for two-factor authentication for advertising Providing…

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Taxing the Digital Economy – France leads the charge

This Newsletter has reported on the plans of European countries to apply taxes to the social media giants’ ad revenues. Last year Spain, Germany and the European Commission withdrew their plans to tax these companies, but France has gone ahead despite threats from President Trump to retaliate. The digital services tax approved by the National…

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New EU Online Payment Security System – deadline 14 Sept

EFSA is affiliated to the 2 European Ecommerce bodies – EMOTA and Ecommerce Europe. Both are warning their members to prepare to meet their obligations under the new “Strong Customer Authentication” (SCA). SCA is the new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.  SCA requires  European consumers to use two factor authentication (2FA). A second factor such as a…

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