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EU celebrates a year since its Regulation on Cross-border Portability of Online Content Services was Implemented

This regulation aimed to improve the way Europeans access and use their online subscriptions to content when travelling or staying temporarily in another European country. Portability, together with mobile roaming and the removal of unjustified geo-blocking, is a cornerstone of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market policy. So the EU did a survey and discovered…

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Why the recent criticism of VW’s financing agreements is important for ecommerce

On 11 April the National Consumer Tribunal ruled that Volkswagen Financial Services must refund, with interest, customers it charged for on-the-road, administration and handling service fees since 2007. This ruling has raised the legality of installment agreements that consumers sign prior to taking delivery of vehicles bought from dealers (and other financing agreements for other…

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The SA Competition Commission Demands Lower Data Costs

Competition commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele unveiled his provisional report on data costs on 25 April. The report is part of the Competition Commission’s market enquiry into the telecoms industry which dates back to August 2017. The report has confirmed SA’s data prices are too high, exploit the poor and that retail price structures lack transparency. The Commission also noted…

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Funding African Start-ups and African Innovation

Talking of raising funds, look at Pitch Live at Africa Tech Summit London on 11 June. Pitch Live ( helps find funding, or the right partner. The organisors promise to deliver top investors, corporates, innovators, media and advisors at the show. Startups must be African, have at least one African co-founder or be headquartered in Africa, be…

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New PWC Report shows that Mobiles are now used more than PCs for ecommerce

PWC’s annual survey PwC Global Consumer Insights survey assessed the shopping behaviour, habits and expectations of 21,480 consumers in 27 countries, including 1,009 from SA, and found that consumers shop on smartphones more often than other digital devices. The survey examined shopping platforms consumers use, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, as well as in-store. In SA, 18% of the respondents…

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Skilling the Youth of Africa

Recently I saw that the Gauteng Department of Education has opened 2 new schools focused on creating a skilled labour force in respond to the challenge of fixing digital skills gap in key sectors. These schools offer maths, science and ICT; engineering; commerce and entrepreneurship; sports and performing and creative arts. There are many programmes around designed to…

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Google opens AI Research Centre in Ghana

Google has officially opened its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Centre in Ghana with high hopes of finding solutions to Africa’s problems. As readers know, AI emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans. It helps find solutions to real-world problems. It can help people focus on what is relevant and open…

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Europe needs to decide on a digital tax and should lead the way if there is insufficient consensus globally, according to the EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

There is still disagreement among EU members over how to implement a so-called “GAFA tax” – named after Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – to ensure the global internet giants pay a fair share of taxes on their massive business operations in Europe. France has been driving hard for such a tax, but we understand…

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