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Load Shedding seriously threatens SA’s cross-border ecommerce

The continuous disruption of power in particular threatens SME and start-up companies selling to Europe and the USA by delaying response to queries and orders. Foreigners do not understand what “load shedding” is: they expect the same services as they get from other cross-border e-shops in other countries, including other African suppliers. The damage to…

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AI and Machine Learning in the Travel Industry – new global study

The Travel industry leans increasingly on ecommerce to sell. According to the report “Leading With Next-Generation Key Performance Indicators,” leaders in the travel sector use machine learning (ML) not only to improve business outcomes but also to redefine what those outcomes should be. ML is helping travel marketers learn more about what outcomes should matter…

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 Ideas on SEO and marketing

A friend in Europe who trawls through the latest ideas from the USA and Europe, sent me these thoughts, pointing out that, since more advertising tools are equipped with Blockchain technology, A.I. (artificial intelligence) and Blockchain will increasingly shape SEO and digital marketing in 2019. User engagement: Natural user engagement on your page will be one of the important ranking factors…

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The Global economy – a new world economic order is in the making!

India is likely to become the world’s second-largest economy by 2030, next only to China and overtaking the US, according to Standard Chartered’s long-term forecast released on 8 Jan. The bank also predicts that based on nominal GDP using purchasing power parity exchange rates, China will overtake the US next year. Current emerging markets will…

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Making Business Fairer for Online SMEs e-shops in Europe

On 13 February, the European Parliament, Member States and the European Commission agreed on the first ever rules regulating the relationship between businesses and online platforms. The rules are intended to help small online retailers and they include a ban on sudden or unexplained suspension of accounts. The law will also oblige platforms to provide their…

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Reducing the Online sale of Counterfeited Products

Amazon has launched a new programme, Project Zero, that enables brands to contribute to the elimination of counterfeits in Amazon’s stores. Project Zero is based on three tools: –  (i) automated protection technology which allows Amazon to scan more than 5 billion product listing updates a day to detect potential counterfeits based on brand logos, trademarks…

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Data Privacy

There is still no news when the POPIA will be implemented, despite the publication on 14 December of the ‘Regulations relating to the Protection of personal information’ by the Regulator. Readers will recall that this requires all companies to have a designated ‘Information Officer” – a heavy obligation for a start-up e-shop. I will be…

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We have reported frequently on the dangers of cybercrime and need for more consumer education. The government’s Cybersecurity Hub ( together with GCIS plans a public awareness programme using community radio, social media and print. The banks’ SABRIC, is also working on a public awareness programme with the National Consumer Commission. EFA has offered its…

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The Annual Global Mobile Congress, Barcelona, 25-8 Feb

Interesting developments always come out of the annual Barcelona Mobile event at the end of February, although by far the most eye-catching this year was the concentration on 5G, which appears to have dominated most stands and presentations. The Spanish teleco, Telefónica, which has a major reach in South America, and Microsoft Corp. announced a…

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