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Members of the Ecommerce Forum Africa Code of conduct with a high level of consumer protection:

  • Transparent information about the trader
  • Clear, complete and accurate product description
  • Transparent pricing, inclusive of all charges and taxes
  • Accurate information to the customer on product availability and delivery times
  • Delivery according to the specifications and timing indicated to the customer
  • Clear returns process and prompt reimbursement
  • Accessible customer service and timely complaint management
  • Protection of personal data according to applicable law
  • Secure payment methods


As an online shopper with an EFA merchant, you have the right to:

  1. Clear, comprehensive and accurate product description and merchant information before you place your order;
  2. Convenient, reliable, safe and legally compliant service;
  3. Notification of all costs and any limitations/conditions prior to checkout;
  4. Charges that are complete and simple to understand – including any tax and delivery and surcharges;
  5. Access information on your order progress/history;
  6. Delivery as specified at the time of order;
  7. Your purchases arriving in good condition;
  8. Helpful support with damaged / failed / late / attempted deliveries;
  9. A clear returns process, with any limitations/conditions easily viewed on the merchant’s website during the ordering process
  10. Your personal data and rights being properly protected and managed.
  11. EFA intends to launch a Trustmark during 2017 which will guarantee these guidelines

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