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Africa Scotland Business Network

Africa Scotland Business Network

Scotland and Africa have many shared economies including education, tech, agriculture,
agritech, oil and gas, life sciences, energy transition and renewable energy, so the
opportunities to share, learn and collaborate are immense. Africa Scotland Business Network, with our array of highly skilled individual and company members, we can act as a gateway for businesses entering Scottish or African markets. We can offer market intel, access to professional services and consulting, lifestyle benefits and discounts and a plethora of events to learn from and engage with members.

Scotland, as an international brand, is distinctive and powerful. The country’s progressive trade and immigration policies are attractive to foreign investors; as a forward-thinking nation, Scotland welcomes global commercial opportunities and partnerships. We work with strategic partners in Scotland, enabling us to directly connect our members with relevant individuals, companies, government and commercial opportunities.

Africa is a majestic, beautiful continent. It’s also enormous, complex and culturally diverse. Businesses looking to export or grow into Africa must skilfully navigate its scale and complexity to achieve success. This prospect, while exciting, can also be daunting … This is where we come in. Spanning the continent, our network will actively assist you by providing significant industry and geographical expertise, market knowledge and trusted industry contacts. Therefore, ensuring the smoothest possible business interaction and transactions.

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Contact: Claire Alexander
Phone: 0768353509


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