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Digital In-Law SA Briefing

28 Jun

CMOs, digital strategists and corporate legal advisors need to be briefed about the latest regulatory requirements likely to impact business, and about good governance pre-emptive measures.  Program prepared in close consultation with the IAB.

Insights you will gain;

  • IAB Brands digital governance checklist – strategic guidelines setting the tone for good corporate governance in practice
  • POPIA Regulator responds to key issues (see topic description below)
  • Digital post-POPIA: the implications of the new POPIA regulations
  • Influencer marketing – non-disclosure is the big concern; Advertising Code of Practice
  • Influencer marketing; learnings from the UK IAB Influencer Guidelines
  • Cyber Security Bill – policing your digital communications to avoid liability
  • Intellectual copyright – latest rulings SA and EU
  • Advertising Code of Practice – latest rulings and implications

IAB Brands governance checklist
Alistair Mokoena, Vice Chair, IABSA; CEO, Ogilvy South Africa

Digital post-POPIA: What are the implications of the new POPIA regulations
*  the POPIA direct marketing rules explained
Elizabeth de Stadler, Chairperson of the IAB Regulatory Affairs Council; co-founder Novation Consulting; Associate Esselaar Attorneys

The POPIA Regulator answers the panellists and your questions

  • What is the future of the sale personal of information (lead generation)?
  • Can you use contact details scraped from the internet?
  • Do you need consent for targeted social media marketing?
  • Must you always have an opt in consent for direct marketing, or can you use an opt out with consumers who are already your customer. I am thinking of bringing some examples for the Regulator to comment on.
  • When do cookies and other forms of tracking online become a POPIA issue?

Sizwe Snailmember of the South African Information Regulator and director of Snail Ka Mtuze Attorneys at Law

Elizabeth de Stadler, Chairperson of the IAB Regulatory Affairs Council; co-founder Novation Consulting;Associate Esselaar Attoneys
Greg Garden, CEO, Marketing Association of SA (MASA)
Alastair Tempest, Executive Director, Ecommerce Forum Africa (EFA)
Matthew Arnold, IAB Agency Council Member; VML Chief Engagement Officer

Influencer marketing; growing concerns about non-disclosure –
Advertising Code of Practice
Gail Schimmel, CEO, Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB)

Investigating key elements of the influencer channel and applying ethical standards
Setting up ground rules before it’s too late
IAB UK Influencer Guidelines
Graham Deneys, Group Strategy Director, Carat

GDPR latest rulings; implications for SA brands
Alastair Tempest, Executive Director, Ecommerce Forum Africa (EFA)

Cyber Security Bill – brands policing digital communications to avoid liability – SA and international perspectives
David Loxton, CEO, Africa Forensics and Cyber

Protecting intellectual property: Copyright and the digital era
Copyright Act of 1978

  • Computer program 1992
  • ‘New’ distribution mechanisms

The New Copyright Bill

  • Take into account the digital age
  • Audio-visual works – broad definition
  • Technologically protected works
  • Visual Artistic works
  • Communicate to the public: Streaming


Bryanston Country Club
Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa + Google Map

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