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PASA proposal for dealing with failed reverse payments

Failed Reversal Incident Template V0.3As a result of the previous meeting held at the Pick ‘n Pay offices in Cape Town on 8 February 2018, a query has been raised regarding the Failed Reversals project. At the meeting, it was reported that the test phase of the project has been completed where all test cases have been received and were being analysed. Interest was shown in the meeting pertaining to the test cases as retailers offered to provide additional information on current incidents.

After numerous discussions, the project team agreed for retailers to send Failed Reversal Card related incidents to PASA to assess the extent of the problem on an industry level. It was therefore decided to create a dedicated PASA email address where retailers can send relevant incidents with the required details for investigation. This functionality will only be available until 30 June 2018 unless communicated otherwise.

In the event of a Failed Reversal Incident, retailers ought to utilise the attached template as a guide to what information is to be communicated to PASA and forward it to The purpose of this form, however, is not to replace existing incident templates or processes utilised at banks. Failed Reversal Incidents should still be logged at the relevant bank to allow for root-cause analysis and resolution.


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