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ECOM Africa Conference, Cape Town, 18-19 April Discount

EFSA/EFA members get a delegate discount of  30% offThe code to use is – ECAF30. Delegate pass available from –

Otherwise you can visit the exhibition (but not the conference) for free – Visitor’s pass available here –

E-Commerce in South Africa

A text book on ecommerce, edited by Prof Adheesh Budree with contributions from the EFSA Research Committee members, has been published. Copies available from the publisher – E-Commerce in South Africa 4e (print)   E-Commerce in South Africa 4e (ebook)


Student Needs Help on Researching Platforms in SA

If you work in a platform do help with this research


7th Edition Connected Banking Summit East Africa – Innovation & Excellence Awards


Google Funding

Applications for another round of Black Founders Funds in Africa  from Google


European Forum Alpbach 2023.

Join the #efa23 as a scholarship holder from 19 August to 2 September! Inform yourself about the EFA23 scholarship programme. Applications close March 31st, 2023. For more information about the scholarship programme tap the link here:


Africa Trade & Customs Week Summit & Expo16-18 Aug

This will showcase global customs and trade capabilities across agencies, promoting Africa’s position as a hub for global trade as well as international agencies and suppliers. Need More Information! Click here 


Internet & Jurisdiction Regional Status Report on Cross-Border Digital Policies

I&JPN has issued its report on  “Framing, Mapping and Addressing Cross-Border Digital Policies in Africa” and will release a French translation this month. EFA contributed to this report.


Tapping Township Growth 2023  Marketing Mix Webinar Series – 22nd & 23rd March

14 very expert speakers will describe their experiences in developing partnerships, business and marketing, recognising and facilitating spaza entrepreneurs.


RetailX New Global Luxury Market Report

Exclusive company case studies: Burberry, Kurt Geiger, The Edit LDN and Tmall; 58 pages of market-leading research into the global luxury market;  70+ illustrative RetailX figures and graphs; company profiles include: Estée Lauder, Rolex, FarFetch, LVMH, and Swatch GroupDownload your free copy


The RetailX USA Ecommerce Country Report 2022

This offers a detailed ecommerce and multichannel retail analysis of one of the most influential markets in the world.  Download your free copy


UNCTAD eWeek (formerly Ecommerce Week), Dec 2023

Looking for an excuse to freeze to death in Switzerland in December? The UNCTAD eWeek 2023 will be held from 4 to 8 December 2023 in Geneva, at the CICG (International Conference Centre of Geneva)  under the theme ‘Shaping the future of the digital economy’.


RetailX – Global Ecommerce Report Available

The report explores in detail the current state of ecommerce in Africa, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, North America and South America through looking at their infrastructure, access to the internet and cross border commerce as well as exploring what and where customers in each country buy from. Download your free copy


RetailX – USA 2022: Ecommerce Country Report

This report explores America’s digital economy, including its global position in the Logistics Performance Index. Retailers and brands will also come away with a clearer understanding of the US consumer, from shopping habits to the main barriers to online grocery shopping. Download your free copy

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