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Tasia Dellis |

Mindful Movement through Technology

Mindful Movement through Technology

In this post I chat to Inward Transformation Leader, Tasia Dellis

Tasia, you are a Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher committed to empowering individuals to be their most authentic selves. Can you tell us about your unique journey?

I started my Yoga journey in Cape Town, in 2010 and was instantaneously hooked. I had lost my father in a traumatic incident in 2011 and began to experience the powerful and practical healing benefits of integrating mindful movement, breath-work, and mindfulness meditation into my life.

This physical and more importantly inward transformation left me inspired to share the gift with others. I completed my first teacher training course in 2015, left my corporate job in 2016 and started my own initiative The Mindful Movement in 2017.
I have a commerce degree from Stellenbosch University and spent most of my twenties working for Africas largest retailer. Since then I have pursued my passion for yoga, travel and social impact.

I am currently based in beautiful Salt Rock with my husband, and have been able to adapt and connect with yoga students all over the world, from my lounge to theirs!

How did The Mindful Movement idea come about?

I can honestly say that its been such a natural and organic evolution of my own growth, the journey has (and continues) to mimic my own life. My vision is that the simple act of being more mindful in body, mind, heart and soul have a collective and ripple affect on the rest of the world. A movement that subtly expands far beyond our imagination.

On a very practical level, I feel passionate about Yoga Teachers being taken seriously as health care professionals, and would like to keep driving that movement in South Africa, whilst I simultaneously assist in making these prescribed resources and tools available to all South Africans, starting with primary and secondary schools, integrating mindfulness, personal development and yoga into there current curriculum.

How is technology currently allowing you to exercise your passion for yoga and drive social impact to hundreds of students all over the world?

I am so grateful that there are students and clients that have the privilege of being able to connect virtually, its been amazing to adapt so quickly and take my work online.

However, the reality for under-resourced communities is that there is only one smart device per family and then the data costs in South Africa as extremely high to stream videos or online content.

I am currently exploring and actively looking for partners to collaborate on a Data Free App/ Platform to share The Mindful Movement in under-resourced communities/ empower Teachers to pass the gift on in their mother-tongue.

Please tell us about the powerful healing benefits of integrating mindful movement, breath-work, and mindfulness meditation into your life.

  • Yoga is not just a form of exercise. Think about all of the meditative breathing you are doing and how incredible that is for managing stress and anxiety. Using Mantras and affirmations are brilliant for supporting neuroplasticity too, Inhale renewed energy. Exhale and release.
  • It connects you with your physical and spiritual body and makes you incredibly self-aware.
  • Moving with control and not rushing through the movements can affect you in your day-to-day life. Mindfulness. Grace.
  • It challenges you to face the silence and quiet your mind. Silence can be quite noisy, and it is normal for your mind to wander. Overtime, you might find yourself solely focusing on your practice and forget everything else. Be here now. Practice the art of attention and observation.
  • It slows you down, so you can REFLECT. Without reflection, there is no growth.
  • LASTLY: Yoga helps you appreciate all that your body does for you. It is your vessel, so treat it with love and respect. Do not tear yourself a part by little cosmetic things. Feel stiff, got cellulite, stretch marks, jiggly bits? Practice the ultimate act of self -care, through ACCEPTANCE!

What role do you think mindfulness coupled with technology can play in the challenging times of Covid-19?

Right now, more than ever, mental health, wellness and yoga professionals are in demand to bring about an inner strength needed for our futures, as we navigate through these unprecedented times. Now is a time for all of us to focus on our holistic health, sharpen our skills, expand our expertise, and make sure we continue to build our businesses throughout this economic downturn.
For now, this is the new normal and we have no idea how long it’s going to continue, but we can certainly use this time to grow ourselves, our skills and our futures.

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Tasia Dellis |

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