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UNCTAD’s eCommerce Week: “Creating Value in the Digital Economy”.

By Shahrain Coovadia | Oct 18, 2019

UNCTAD’s eCommerce Week is the leading forum for Ministers, senior government officials, CEOs and other business representatives, international organizations, development banks, academics and civil society to discuss the development opportunities and challenges associated with the evolving digital economy. The theme of the eCommerce Week 2020 is “Creating Value in the Digital Economy“. Digital advances have…

Ecommerce Africa East Africa Edition (31 Oct – 1 November 2019 )

By Shahrain Coovadia | Jul 30, 2019

#East Africa 2019 About the 2019 Conference eCommerce East Africa aims to offer solutions to help online sellers succeed. If you already sell online, you’ll come away from the event with completely new online merchandising ideas, selling tools, marketing outlets, and operational strategies. If you don’t yet sell online, you’ll find out how to efficiently…


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